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Diego Macall

In the fall of 2017, Diego began working with Dr. Smyth as a Research Assistant. Diego has assisted Dr. Smyth with the elaboration of a technical report on the governance of ‘Digital Sequence Information’ and more recently, with Dr. Smyth’s focus on social network analysis. Diego is also actively involved with the ongoing surveying of experts around the world to obtain a better understanding of new genome editing techniques and their implications for modern agriculture. Before joining the Smyth research team, Diego completed his M.Sc. in Agriculture Economics in 2016, on 'Ex-ante impact assessment of genetically modified maize adoption in El Salvador'.

Brazil’s Sweet Move

Brazil Sugar
Brazil has been the world’s largest producer of sugarcane since 1980 when production and area harvest surpassed India’s (Figure 1). By 2030, sugarcane production in Brazil could expand by more than 5 million hectares (12,355,200 acres) to meet the growing…