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Getting FOIAed:

US Right to Know tries to silence science
U.S. organic-backed group targets another Saskatchewan researcher Written by Kelvin Heppner  Originally posted on RealAgriculture, May 31, 2017   The U.S. anti-GMO activist organization that has targeted several dozen scientists and academics who have published research on the benefits of genetic engineering…

What does “natural” & “healthy” labelling even mean?

Redefining FDA health labeling
What’s in a Name? FDA Working to Define “Natural” and Redefine “Healthy” By: Lisa R. Schlessinger and A. Bryan Endres From the Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics, University of Illinois farmdoc daily (6):194, Orginal published October 14, 2106, Permalink 2016 has been…

The Skinny on Future Canadian Food Label Changes

Proposed changes to Canada's Nutritional Facts Label
SAIFood is always concerned about the use of food labels and what message they convey to consumers. The label which can be the most confusing and misunderstood is the ‘Nutritional Facts” label, found on all Canadian products. Health Canada is…