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Stuart Smyth

The Politics of Risk

Safe foods and technologies no longer reaching some markets Risk is an odd thing in modern societies. Most of us prefer to avoid risk, yet we all do risky things every day. We drive, we smoke, we drink, we buy…

Holy Healthy Houseplant Batman!

Holy healthy houseplant batman - GM plants
Being indoors doesn't mean you're safe from air pollution. Canadian's spending 90% of their time indoor, which means indoor air quality should be a growing concern for us Canadian. Being indoors so much exposes ourselves to volatile organic carcinogens (VOCs) like chloroform and benzene, which can have negative effects on our health. Research has recently genetically modified an ivy plant to help reduce such VOC exposure, yet its a long way from being your future houseplant.

The Pace of Science Goes Supersonic!

SAIFood is proudly entering its 5th year of blogging
For 4 years SAIFood has been sharing & communicating about sustainable agriculture, innovation & food has been building awareness about agriculture. So, as SAIFood enters into its 5th year of sharing and communicating here’s the top 5 things I’ve noticed in the change sof agriculture.

Real Human Lab Rats

Poison Squad set to determine acceptable limits for toxins in food If you’ve ever had the misfortune of eating something that results in food poisoning, then you know the agony that results. Curled up and shivering on the bathroom floor…