Approvals of GM crops

Trying to reach new levels of crop technology with stagnant regulations Genetically modified (GM) crops have been produced for 20 years and have become essential components of food and feed production. In 2013, over 430 million acres of land worldwide…
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Managing the Production of Conventional, GM & Organic Crops The ability to produce conventional, GM or organic crops is important to all farmers, regardless of which option they choose. While farmers are quite capable of managing production on their farms,…
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The integrity of Chipotle's GMO free marketing

Conning the Consumer

Chipotle’s move to go Non-GMO Last week, Chipotle, an American fast food company, announced that it has removed all GM ingredients from the menus of its 1800 chain restaurants. In its announcement, we at SAIFood feel there are numerous errors…
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Glyphosate, the new game of RISK

Risk Management vs. Risk Avoidance:

Who to Believe in the Glyphosate Debate?   Have you hear? Glyphosate could kill you. Well that’s not the full story, but it caught your attention didn’t it? On March 20th the World Health Organization (WHO) released a report by…
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