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Would you like vanilla with that?

Would you like some vanilla with that?
If you haven’t noticed vanilla is everywhere & in everything. Since the 19th century, vanilla transitioned from a rare and exotic flavour profile to a staple of modern food and fragrances. With our growing demand and limited production, the future of vanilla from vanilla is becoming more and more questionable. In the future, will we be able to continue our gluttonous use of vanilla?

Organics are an ideal idea

Organic production, has its pros cons, but how does it measure up on paper?
But how does it measure up on paper? If you haven’t noticed, SAIFood often focuses on GMOs, which may come across as opposition to organic. This isn’t the intent. Like GM production, organics are a system of increasingly sustainable agricultural…

Conveniently Organic

How transparent is that organic label? By Lars Iversen, University of Saskatchewan Student Over the last decade, there has been an increasing demand from consumers for products that have organic labelling on the packaging. With this, there also is an…

Innovating Your Supper Staple: Potatoes

Will disease devastate spud production? The ease of growing and storing potatoes allowed it to spread around the world and onto our cultural menu. The delicious spud, McDonald’s #1 selling items are their French fries (and Big Mac, together accounted…