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SAIFood, making information digestible. Because research isn't written for the kitchen table, SAIFood breaks it down so you know what is happening within agricultural policy and research, agri-food innovation, regulation and sustainability.

One of the society’s greatest pressures is to find solutions to feeding the global population which is estimated to grow to 9 billion by 2050. To do so science has taken great endeavours offering agricultural innovations and sustainable research. While this research may be the future solution to a sustainable safe food supply, often such research gains negative attention. As researchers, we do not write for the consumer, but often for peers and journals. At SAIFood, our goal is to help our readers digest the facts behind such research so they can be informed about the food they eat and the policies which regulate them. Together as an informed society, we can promote sustainability.

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The Cost of Eating NON-GM

The Cost of Eating NON-GM

How Consumers Benefit from GM Crops One criticism that is frequently levelled against GM crops and biotechnology, in general, is that there are no benefits available for consumers, which has resulted in some consumers choosing to reject this innovative and environmentally sustainable technology. This blanket ‘no benefit’ statement has no verification.[...]
No Bananas for You!

No Bananas for You!

The banana industry is facing the threat of disease which could dramatically impact production. Even with bananas being highly susceptible to disease, how important is a threat to the banana industry to consumers? What’s at stake? Bananas have been cultivated for millenniums, dating back to 8,000 BC. Since this time, bananas have[...]
Science of Risk & the Influences of Politics

Science of Risk & the Influences of Politics

United Nations Biodiversity ConferenceSaveAt what point does prevention and precaution trump science and innovation? Depending on who one asks, the responses would run the full gamut from never to always. My view is that as long as the identifiable risks can be adequately addressed, then one should proceed. Of late,[...]

Global Biotech Week

September 26 - 30, 2016

SAIFood celebrated Biotech week by featuring some of our favourite biotech blogs.


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