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Human African Trypanosoma Map WHO GM Crops benefit the environment by reducing carbon dioxide from tillage

Sustainable Agricultural Innovation & Food

SAIFood, making information digestible. Because research isn't written for the kitchen table, SAIFood breaks it down so you know what is happening within agricultural policy and research, agri-food innovation, regulation and sustainability.

One of the society’s greatest pressures is to find solutions to feeding the global population which is estimated to grow to 9 billion by 2050. To do so science has taken great endeavors offering agricultural innovations and sustainable research. While this research may be the future solution to a sustainable safe food supply, often such research gains negative attention. As researchers, we do not write for the consumer, but often for peers and journals. At SAIFood, our goal is to help our readers digest the facts behind such research so they can be informed about the food they eat and the policies which regulate them. Together as an informed society, we can promote sustainability.

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The Cost of Australia’s GM Canola Moratorium

The Cost of Australia’s GM Canola Moratorium

Substantial environment impacts due to rejection of GM canola Canada approved GM canola in 1995 and following 2 years of seed multiplication, farmers started growing GM canola in 1997. By 2004, 75% of canola farmers in Canada were growing GM varieties. After a decade of GM canola production I surveyed[...]


Food poisoning is more serious than you might think Remember this commercial, with the “tummy turning” bug picked up while travelling? While we’re concerned about catching foodborne illnesses/diseases whilst travelling, people are less aware that these bugs are not just “far from home trip spoiling bugs”, they’re everywhere. Recently the World Health[...]
Growing the Urban Garden

Growing the Urban Garden

Educating a new generation of consumers While there has been a seemingly endless amount of rain this summer, it did briefly dry up enough one week to allow me into my backyard garden to pick 2 gallons of green, yellow and purple beans. A delight to have fresh beans with a[...]