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Savannah Gleim

Savannah joined Dr. Smyth's research team in the fall of 2014 and since has been an active member managing, editing, and writing for SAIFood. Prior to joining the SAIFood team, she completed her M.Sc. in Agricultural Economics and B.Sc. Agribusiness from the University of Saskatchewan.

Would you like vanilla with that?

Would you like some vanilla with that?
If you haven’t noticed vanilla is everywhere & in everything. Since the 19th century, vanilla transitioned from a rare and exotic flavour profile to a staple of modern food and fragrances. With our growing demand and limited production, the future of vanilla from vanilla is becoming more and more questionable. In the future, will we be able to continue our gluttonous use of vanilla?

Food Printing: Is it the Future or a Fad?

Will 3D food printing lead to food replicators?
Food has historically brought us together, but will 3D food printing cause us to lose those connections? The development of 3D (three-dimensional) printer technology has led to some spectacular things from customized tools to cars. The process of printing layer…

Innovating Your Supper Staple: Potatoes

Will disease devastate spud production? The ease of growing and storing potatoes allowed it to spread around the world and onto our cultural menu. The delicious spud, McDonald’s #1 selling items are their French fries (and Big Mac, together accounted…

Cassava, comment ça va?

Cassava, the forgotten staple crop
We forgot to ask the staple crop, cassava, how it was doing. Now we have damage control to do! Are you familiar with Cassava? You may know cassava as yuca, manioc, mandioca, and you may have eaten it if you’re…

The Art of Brewing Beer

Whats the story behind your beer?
400 new micro-breweries are started every year in North America What’s in a beer? Behind every beer, there’s a great story of what it’s taken to get the product to you. Like many of our favourite foods and beverages, there’s…

How does your garden grow?

How does your garden grow?
Mary, Mary, on the Prairie, How does your garden grow? With pesky weeds and heirloom seeds, Each row eaten by a white tail doe. It doesn’t matter what type of garden you sow, whether you use organic seeds or use…

Has McDonald’s Gone Nuts?

McDonald's has gone McNuts with the newest Skor McFlurry - Nuts
Canadian’s newest beef with chain restaurants is nuts! When Earl’s Restaurant chain announced they were moving to use humane certified beef and A&W advertised their use of hormone-free beef, many of us were highly critical over the sourcing of non-Canadian…